Monday, February 18, 2013

Ida Clare, It's President's Day

Hi Friends,

 I've been thinking.

 "Uh oh."

 Now hear me out. It's President's Day and I am thinking that we should all celebrate by doing something presidential.

Here's my plan for the day. As President of Rancho Wrecko, I am holding a much needed cabinet meeting. From my cabinet I am tossing all of the cool-whip bowls that don't have lids. The margarine bowls will get their turn at the next next cabinet meeting in 2014.

Then while I am still in the presidential kitchen, I going to review my foreign policy by doing an oral assessment of Belgium waffles, Polish sausage and French fries. Then it's on to German Chocolate or Italian Cream cake where it will by my policy to eat as much of the above mentioned foreign food as possible.

I have a number of Bills piled high on my desk begging for my attention but I am going to postpone signing them until women get equal pay for equal work or I fall off the fiscal cliff; whichever comes first.

As far as Presidential Pardons go, considering that I am a tad hung over and there was a neighborhood party with free drinks around here last night, I may have to ask for a few for myself. Otherwise I will take it as a mandate of the people that my ex-husband should not be pardoned.

So there you have it.  What will you do to be Presidential?

Your Madam Presidential Ida Clare
P.S. This week I have a mini album to share.  Check back on Wednesday.

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