Friday, May 24, 2013

Ida Clare, I'm thinking about Paris!

Why is it that so many of us love all things French?  I think it is the language barrier.  I mean anybody who can get away with saying Oui Oui in mixed company must know something I don't.

The language is so lyrical and melodious and seems so sophisticated when a French person is speaking it, however, I become homely-American-marble-mouth when I try something as simple as to ordering a cafe au lait.  I'm much better at ordering French fries at McDonalds.  They understand me every time.

And why are Paris flea markets better than the flea markets we have around here.  I think its because all the fleas wear those little black berets and sip their cafe au laits in little bitty cups that have been around for centuries not decades like here in the states.  Besides when the fleas here complain, we can understand them and it puts a damper on buying the damn things because they never shut up.

Oh to be in Pairs right now.  To trudge up and down the Rue de Something or Other desperately looking for my Hotel Royal Something or Other, not being able to tell the impatient cab driver the correct name or having enough funds to find out if he can guess from my waving of hands and shouting because I think if I only speak loudly enough he will comprehend.

Well, anyway.  Paris is nice.  Wish we were there.

Bon Weekend and au-revoir!

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