Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ida Clare, You Are a Gift!

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Dear Creative Chicks,

Are you hiding your gifts, talents and creativity?  Stop it.  The world is starving for imagination, brilliance, passion and ingenuity.   Not somebody else's, not your best friend's, not that annoying super star on TV: Yes, this means you!

It's time to get your moxie on.  Remember the old analogy about the iceberg being more under the surface than is visible above water level.  Well, unless you are The Titanic, this is a good thing.  It means you have resources you can call upon to keep yourself  afloat when things around you are sinking.  You just have to trust that they are there.

When we lose track of what our gifts are by becoming complacent, unappreciative, bored or overwhelmed, we set ourselves up to be cast  about on rugged seas with little hope for change.  You know in your secret heart that you are better at _______ than what you will admit to.  Somebody somewhere told you not to brag and though he/she was trying to keep you from becoming an obnoxious know-it-all that people wanted to pinch, you may have gone overboard on the keeping your gifts to yourself because you got kudos for behaving so well.

You are here in this vast universe for a reason.  You are an experiment and one that will not be abandoned.  Think how intricate you are.  You have your spirit, your mind, and your hands to create outcomes.  Try this:

Go for one hour (or ten minutes) as a witness to the life around you. JUST  BE AWARE.
Feel—absorb, notice, be alive to everything, feel the energy.  Notice your own.  Be in your body, rest in the resting place.  You are a gift to the universe—ACT LIKE IT!

Notice color, texture, temperature, noise, and level of brightness, speed, and tempo.  Delight in the beauty of everything—exactly as it is.   THESE ARE THE DAYS.  THESE ARE THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.  Just breathe and live.  You will be the gift you are here to be.


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