Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ida Clare I'm Feeling Snarky!

It has been brought to my attention that I am not being as honest as I could be in this space and that my tone has changed somewhat since I started this blog

“You mean you’ve changed from sarcastic to really sarcastic?”

No, it’s the other way around.

“Really?  You mean you aren’t sarcastic as you used to be?  I find that hard to believe.”

Oh, I hate to admit this, but when I first started this blog, I had planned to hide out here and keep a low profile.  It was easy to make snarky remarks about people I didn’t know.  But the longer I’m here, the more hesitant (read: afraid) I am to make snarky remarks about people who drive around with guns-racks in their pickups and are so religious that they have the ear of God on speed dial.

The real reason I seem to have curbed my enthusiasm for snarky-ism is my mother.  I haven’t talked about Ida Mama because I wanted to respect her privacy and I was afraid that people here might blame her for my audacity to mention that I am not a fan of Duck Dynasty or that the emperor doesn’t have on any clothes. (Here the emperor would be a naked redneck and really, who would want to call attention to that?)

So in deference to Ida Mama, I have toned things down so much that I just don’t write anything snarky and that has got to stop.  I haven’t written much about politics or religion because my mother told me that you don’t talk about them in mixed company.  I guess she meant a mix of Democrats and Republicans or Heathens or Christians.  Here, it can get you thrown out of Golden Corral before you have a chance to swing by the chocolate fountain three or four times. 

However, it is difficult not to speak up with Texas politics being what it is and a prize-winning buffoon of a U.S. Congressman with a last name straight out of Mayberry named: (wait for it) Gohmert. Here is his picture below.   Shazam!

My mother is well-known and well-loved in her community and surely she will be forgiven for her wayward daughter making a few wisecracks about butt-cracks in Wal-mart.  The truth is nobody reads this blog anyway except a few Big Thicket Outcasts who keep their opinions and their butt-cracks to themselves.



jessica said...

I would add that you'd have to be a Texan to completely understand the true shame and embarrassment the more intelligent of the state's populace feel in being lumped in with our consistently stupid elected officials. (Notice I DIDN'T say "representatives". These yahoos don't represent any of us!)

Welcome back, Ida!

bubble gum on the run said...

Will the real IDA CLARE stand up? Yay, she did, to my delight! So glad to hear from the true Ida, my dear Big Thicket friend. It gets lonely in these here woods and I am sooooo glad that you have decided to "come out" again. As far as I am concerned, You are the highlight and excitement of my neighborhood.

Shine, Ida Clare, shine!

bubble gum on the run said...

O.K. So as "bubble gum on the run" has aptly pointed out, she really didn't post the last comment. Her mama, Denise Kaye did. Here in the Big Thicket it is common for us to use out first and middle names. You know, like Linda Gayle, Bobbie Jean, Larry Joe, Brenda Lou, Billie Sue, Billy Bob, the list goes on and on. It's also common for us not to have the computer skills of our off springs or our good friend, from the big city, Ida Clare. Therefore, until I can figure this google business out, I'm "bubble gum on the run" aka Denise Kaye.