Friday, August 16, 2013

Ida Clare, It's Friday. Do you know where your Party Girl is?

It’s Friday. Do you know where your Party Girl is?

If you are a young woman, you probably are in touch with your inner Party Girl. You can’t wait for the weekend. You’ve actually made plans. You’re wondering how you can manipulate your budget to include one more new outfit because you simply can’t go partying without something new to wear.

If (darn it), the rent is due and something new to wear is impossible you hope where you are going will be dark enough so no one will notice that what you are wearing is a tad wrinkled since it has been living under a pile of discarded clothes in the corner of your bedroom for emergencies such as these.

Since it is Friday and you don’t have to work on Saturday, you will surely be able to finally catch up on some sleep you’ve missed because you were out late three nights this week. You figure you will worry about sleep when you are sleeping for eternity. You never hear about there being parties in the afterlife. So your philosophy is to get it while you can.

But really, this question isn’t for the likes of you. I’m going to ask again. It’s Friday. Do you know where your Party Girl is? Do you even have a Party Girl? How about your inner Party Girl? Does she still exist? Do you have weekend plans that include more than flat diet coke, macaroni and cheese, a remote control and the password to a paid up Netflicks account?

Is your idea of a party watching a marathon of HGTV where one after another whinny young couple with a higher credit score than IQ sign the dotted line on a mortgage for three-hundred fifty thousand dollars so their dog Poopsie can have a bigger back yard and the wife’s hands won’t fall off if she has to touch Formica in the kitchen instead of the granite counter tops she has her heart set on? That is not a party people!

I did some insane things when I was a Party-Girl that I survived only because of dumb luck and a lack of funds. I’m not talking about invoking that Party Girl. She’s left the building (read: body) anyway.

Do you find yourself humming, "Turn out the Light's the Party's Over" before going to bed at night and there is still beer left in the fridge and you no longer have a hangover on Saturday morning. If you aren’t sure if you ever had an internal Party Girl or you are pretty sure she has been turned to stone, you might want to invite her back into your life for a little fun. If you don’t she might surprise you some day when you least expect it and you might find yourself creating some high drama just to get yourself out of the boring existence you have come to expect on a Friday night in August.

I am guilty of all of the above and I am here to tell you that there seems to be a no party zone here at Rancho-Wrecko. I get it that life in the slow lane isn’t all bad but what ever happened to having a good time with your inner party animal?

There is going to be a little party here. You are invited to create one too. Here’s what you do:

  • Buy party food. You can’t party hungry. Dress the part. Bunny slippers not allowed unless you are having a slumber party and then that’s a whole other story. 
  • Do something different! If you are addicted to Netflicks, go to an actual theater and watch something first run. 
  • Get creative. Make a plan or be spontaneous. Read your local newspaper for ideas for events where there will be other like minded people.
  • If all else fails, call an old friend and have a party on the phone. Google hangouts allows you to see each other online and invite people from far away who you might really want to party with. You can check it out here. 

Well, I‘ve got to go. It’s almost Friday night and I’ve got a party to go to, how about you?  I hope you have fun, isn't that the point?


bubble gum on the run said...

Well it's been a party slump here in these woods lately. We socialized on a Friday night for starters. I promise we will party and dance soon. I have to be convinced we haven't forgotten how to party!!!

Denise Kaye

Diana Meade writing as Ida Clare said...

Dear DK,

There is a no-party virus going around in the PineyWoods and it sounds like you've caught a case of it.

Symptoms are forgetfulness of what it is like to have fun. Throwing up of excuses of why you don't have the energy for fun. And Netflicks Fever, a condition where you will watch anything to keep from getting dressed and getting out of the house.

I've got it too. I need a prescription of something, but I don't have ObamaCare yet. (He seems to be the only one who cares about my health around here, but don't get me started about that.)

I hope both of us get well soon and find a way to run with the wolves, or at least do a little howling.