Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ida Clare I'm in a Holidaze

Well here it is the middle of another Merry Christmas Pressure Cooker and I missed wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  My blog posts are becoming as rare as my Christmas spirit.  I think I’m behind in my holiday cheer because I celebrated Halloween for waaay too long.  That fake tattoo that was supposed to wash off easily didn’t and since I put it right up front on my chest so it could be seen by ghouls and goblins in the moonlight, I had to stay home unless I dressed like a nun when I went out in public.

Since my nun costume attracts even more attention here in the Protestant Pineywoods than a tat on your boobies, I had to stay home because strange men kept asking if they could confess their sins to me.  I mean I could have starved to death if I didn’t have a house full of candy.

So since I missed the Thanksgiving post, may I just say that I am grateful for candy?

I don’t mean to be the disrespectful dinner guest who is put on the spot when the hostess asks the burning question, “What are you grateful for this year?” when my mouth is full of turkey.  Evidently I can’t chew and think gratefully at the same time so was I wrong to share that I was most grateful that the pile of cat puke I thought was on my mother’s carpet was only wet leaves I tracked in from the yard and much easier to clean up than the aforementioned disaster?

I don’t do holidays well which may be why I am just getting around to say that I am grateful for you, dear reader and to Google for giving me this blog for free.

In case I don’t get back in time: Merry and Happy!   I'd be grateful if you'd fill in the rest.