Ida Clare Tells All

Hey Ya'll

Life is complicated isn't it?  Well, evidently so am I.  I am writing this page in response to those inquiring minds who need some answers and need them quick.

My name is Ida Clare.  I am just a fictional character in an unfinished book written by the bossy and pushy Diana Meade.  Some might call me her alter ego or better-half...although her husband might take offense to the better-half part.

Diana Meade lives with her husband, mom and three cats, Schuester, Hershel, (Hershey) and Percival (Percy) in the country 6 miles away from the highway to a Big Thicket-like town.  Ida Clare (that's me) lives solely in Diana's imagination.

One of these days, she and I both hope that the book about Ida Clare's life story will be finished and you all will get to read it.  In the meantime, I am going to keep on making noise and enjoying being on the page.

Ida Clare, it's good to be here.