Inner-Nut Book

Hello  Friend,   Ida Clare here revisiting this blog during the dumpster-dive year of 2020.  

This book is no longer available. 
Well, why leave this page cluttering up the world wide web, you could reasonably ask?  I am leaving it up to remind me that I actually wrote it, though I am pretty certain nobody read it.  It is sadly lost to a computer hard drive that crashed years ago and was foolishly not backed up.

Writing has it's own challenges, but learning how to make that damn book cover below and get it on this page and on Amazon back in the prehistoric computer days was daunting since I didn't know the difference between a flash drive and a flash light!  

Uploading an e-book on Amazon had it's own horrors.  I think the cute pictures I had included in the book never lined up appropriately so it made the text look like gobbledy-goop which is frowned upon by Amazon.  The whole process ironically became too stressful to figure out and I declared it a disaster and let it languish.  Too bad, because we could use some stress-relief now.

It is my most fervent wish that you can find humor and kindness in these crappy times.  That grief and fear can be replaced daily by hope and loving action.  Make something.  Learn something new.  Read a book.  Call a friend.  Check on the elderly and the sick.  Adopt a pet.  Be silly. Turn off the news and for goodness sake, vote.  But most of all, love your people.  Tell them you do even if it's awkward.  It's ok to be the dork who is vulnerable.  Love is not a character defect.  Stay safe.  Stay home as much as you can and wear a damn mask because it is the right thing to do.  Wash your hands like you mean it and don't invade people's space. 

Here is a socially distanced hug,

Hi Ya'll,

Is your rut in a rut?

Are you tired of the same old same old?

Was the last time you had a good laugh when the dog peed on your ex-husband's foot in 1999?

Well, honey, you need to embrace your inner-nut.

As a genuine, qualified nut from way back, I am sharing my secrets of  how to replace boredom, drama and stress with fun that you create yourself. 

I think you are really going to like this new book, fresh off the old keyboard.  

Hey, it's short and to the point.  It will take you minutes to read and there are pictures.  It gives you action steps you can take that can make the rut you are in go away.

Replace the rut with your nut!!!  (Catchy huh?)

I've been thinking about my very own Inner-Nut and I think every body has one if they just knew how the the heck to let it out.

Women are so stressed out today, they need some relief, don't they Sistah?  You have got to be a little nutty in this world if you are going to survive without being a nutcase; Embracing Your Inner-Nut will show you how.
This e-book, Embracing Your Inner-Nut, How to Replace Boredom and Stress with Fun will be available here and at on Kindle in August, 2013.

Ya'll stay nutty!