Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ida Clare, It’s Oscar Myer Weiner Sunday!

Break out the beer, the hot wings, and the bean dip, it’s Oscar Sunday.

No fool, that’s Super Bowl Sunday.

You mean there will be football too?  I thought football season was over.

It is.  You don’t drink beer and eat bean dip during the Oscars.

Shucks. I was getting ready to let down my tailgate.

You always were easy.

Could we stay on the subject?  What does one eat during the Oscars?

Caviar and champagne, I suppose.

The closest I’ve got to caviar and champagne is to scramble some eggs and drink bubble bath and even I’m not that hungry. 

How about something healthy?

How about something tasty?  Look, someone has to eat for all the starving women at the Oscars.  Bottled water and carrot sticks are just not going to calm my nerves.  If I have to live vicariously through them having that kind of life, I like knowing they have to live vicariously through me satisfying this kind of appetite.

They don’t know you Ida. 

Yeah, and I don’t know them either.  I just hope Danica Patrick wins.

photo by grammy 1028's media on photobucket

Hugs and good eating,

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