Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ida Clare, It's Easter

Good Morning Creative Chicks!

Probably when you get here I will be out cavorting with that guy with the big ears.

And you think I mean the Easter Bunny!!!

"Ida, you're giving your readers the wrong impression.  You don't have a boyfriend."

Oh shuddup.  You are the most humorless woman. The only thing getting laid around here are the eggs out in the splendor of the grass up and down my street. 
Now, Ida Clare this is an Easter Bonnet if I ever saw one.

No, I just want to get outside in this lovely springtime weather wearing my Easter bonnet or in my case a three-color wig.  The style around here is to have parts of your hair dyed about three different shades if you count the darkest ones at your roots.  Really?

I can hardly maintain the one color God gave me.  There are fates worse than dyeing your hair, but every time I see that silver pathway working its way toward my forehead, I can't think of any.  If they had only told me I was going to need to know  chemistry to mix the ingredients to color my hair, I might have paid more attention in class.  As it is, I only know how to light up Bunson's burner.

But I digress.  I just want to wish you the Happiest of Easters spending it with your loved ones and families.



P.S  I am making you a little printable poster of this later in the week.  Check out the Freebies button. -Ida

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