Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ida Clare Spring has Sprung or How to Procrastinate without Really Trying

Well it’s Day 2 of Spring here in Big Thicket and evidently Mother Nature decided to sleep in.  It’s cold and blah and makes me want to do the same.

My blog posts were a little scarce last week because I was visiting friends and we were working on creative projects.  Theirs.  Not mine.  But that’s ok.  I enjoyed myself mightily just being away from Rancho Wrecko where sometimes my creative projects lurk around here like sirens beckoning ships upon the rocks. 

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As an aside:  When did ice cubes become rocks?  The waiter asked me while on my mini vacation, did I want my margarita frozen or on the rocks?  If one were to say, “I’d prefer mine with ice cubes,” would one get actual rocks?

Too Literal, Ida.

I know, but my mind wandered and when I am trying to avoid work it naturally wanders to food and drink.

You have a lot of stuff to do.  Last week you were gung ho to clean up your desk.  What happened?

Spring cleaning is no more fun than fall or winter cleaning.  And nobody in their right mind cleans house around here in the summer.  It’s too damn hot to do more than rake out a trail from the thermostat of the air conditioner to where you store the margarita machine in your kitchen. 

Mmm…Now I’m wondering why we use the term gung ho. 

I give up.

Yay me too!  Let’s give up and read a book.  Give up and go to a movie.  Give up and take a hot bubble bath.  Give up and call a friend.  Give up and pet the cat.  All these things can promote creativity; they just don’t look productive or gung ho.


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