Friday, May 24, 2013

Ida Clare, I'm thinking about Paris!

Why is it that so many of us love all things French?  I think it is the language barrier.  I mean anybody who can get away with saying Oui Oui in mixed company must know something I don't.

The language is so lyrical and melodious and seems so sophisticated when a French person is speaking it, however, I become homely-American-marble-mouth when I try something as simple as to ordering a cafe au lait.  I'm much better at ordering French fries at McDonalds.  They understand me every time.

And why are Paris flea markets better than the flea markets we have around here.  I think its because all the fleas wear those little black berets and sip their cafe au laits in little bitty cups that have been around for centuries not decades like here in the states.  Besides when the fleas here complain, we can understand them and it puts a damper on buying the damn things because they never shut up.

Oh to be in Pairs right now.  To trudge up and down the Rue de Something or Other desperately looking for my Hotel Royal Something or Other, not being able to tell the impatient cab driver the correct name or having enough funds to find out if he can guess from my waving of hands and shouting because I think if I only speak loudly enough he will comprehend.

Well, anyway.  Paris is nice.  Wish we were there.

Bon Weekend and au-revoir!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ida Clare, It's Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day To all you Creative Chicks
Marie Desbons is a wonderful French Illustrator.  Check out her site at

I love Mother's Day.  It is time you get to spoil your mother a little and let her know just how much she means to you while you are waiting for a table at IHOP.

I am inspired by my mom, a white-haired Energizer Bunny who still works circles around me while I whine and complain and she does not.  She loves to garden, travel, fish, volunteer, share, and play games.  Oh and she can cook.  She loves Facebook and checks her email every day.  She can upload photos to her computer and has them developed and sent to her home mailbox.

She loves to find interesting things on Pintrest and she actually tries them out. She has made a wreath out of a water hose, a mosquito catcher out of a plastic liter bottle, a million delicious recipes and has a chest of drawers with plants growing out of them in her garden.  There's more, but I don't want to sound like I'm bragging.

My mom is an engineer - not by trade - but she has that kind of mind.  She is a problem solver and enjoys working with her hands.  She is always thinking of others which makes her in demand because she freely gives her time away to some good causes and some frivolous ones.  (I can be frivolous sometimes, but she hangs in there with me.)  She is political and not afraid to speak out for something she believes in.

We went shopping the other day and every where she goes, she runs into someone she knows.  They want a big hug from her and she obliges.  She knows everybody and if she doesn't know you, she will talk to you anyway.  She is a Rock Star in her home town and she is comfortable being who she really is.

I hope to be a lot like her when I grow up.  I love you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who still have your mom with you and to those of you who don't, my mom and I send you a big old hug.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ida Clare I love Nature!

Dear Creative Chicks,
It’s Happy Muse Day Again,

Inspiration can come from any where and if you ask many creative women what inspires them, they will answer “nature.” 

The natural world we live in is truly inspiring and hopefully will be here to inspire us for years to come if we as a species don’t screw it up.

You may or may have not have guessed that I am not one who loves to go out into nature and get my hands dirty.  I prefer to observe nature from the comfort of my artificially regulated environment which includes air conditioning, background music and an adult beverage of my choice as I admire God’s handiwork.

So imagine my discomfiture as it occurs to me that short of inheriting a small fortune or finding a “Yard Man” under my pillow, I am going to have to contemplate nature up close and personal by working in the yard.


What’s a creative chick who’d rather be eating cheese dip and reading trash fiction supposed to do? 

My neighbor Miz. Dot knows everything about working in the yard and since she has ten green thumbs and the beautiful yard to prove it, I’ve decided to take her advice and do one thing at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. 

Now that the azaleas have stopped showing off, it is time to work on them.

So I decided to create a check list - one way of creatively procrastinating – Right?

So I have been attending the azaleas:
Prune.   Check
Dig out grass from around them.  Check
Bend handle of tiny shovel-trowel thingee that Miz Dot loaned me and has used for years.   Check
Replace tiny shovel-trowel thingee that Miz Dot loaned me.  Check
Buy industrial strength hatchet to chop San Augustine Grass.   Check
Worry about the bugs and worms and snakes that could live in the grass.  Check
Chop snake into tiny bits.  Check

Work too long sitting on ground so that I cannot get up without assistance.  Check
Find milk crate to keep at side at all times to use to get up without assistance.  Check
Have garden fantasy and decide to make flower bed bigger.   Check
Go into the woods to dig topsoil for flowerbed.  Check
Worry about lions and tigers that might live in the woods.  Check
Learn with relief from Miz Dot that lions and tigers don’t live in the woods in Big Thicket.  Check
Shovel dirt into flower bed.  Check
Have trouble getting out of bed next morning.  Check
Become obsessed with finishing project.  Check
Google stuff on internet about putting pine needles around azaleas.  Check
Go into the woods and collect pine needles.  Check
Worry that pot growers and meth labs could be in the woods in Big Thicket  Check
Sneeze, wheeze, wipe nose on shirt tail.   Check
Search medicine cabinet arsenal for allergy medicine with "sell by" date in this century.  Check
Fight with fire ants.    Check
Treat ant bites.     Check
Wow, getting a little suntan on arms.  I like this.   Check
Crap.  Developing tan line at wrist where gloves stop.   Not liking this.  Check
Fix supper exhausted.  Check
Eat supper while lying head on table.  Check
Stand under shower till water runs cold.  Check
Fall asleep at computer answering emails.  Check
Job incomplete.  Check
Start again tomorrow.  Check

I hope that you won’t be discouraged by my check list.  Some day I am going to be glad I pruned the azaleas, but it will probably around this time next year.

Have a creative day. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know that I am probably trapped in the woods under a bed of pine straw waiting until the bears, meth dealers, or snakes go away.

Here are a few photos from my yard.  Remember this place was here before I got here and I haven't had time to kill everything yet.

Old fashion roses growing on old iron bedstead.

I want a garden bench to sit out here and smell the roses.

This trellis is a metal front porch post.  Love this.

This is the trellis up close.  Maybe gardening is worth it.

May the Muse be with you!