Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ida Clare, I May Be A Sunflower

I love the line in this quote "even with my head full of seeds."   

Sometimes my head is so full of seeds I am afraid of being pecked to death by crows.  On other occasions my head is a desolate cavern where the wind howls and I haven't got two thoughts to rub together. It feels like I don't have a lot of control which version of my head shows up on any given morning.

This can be very disheartening when you are counting on using your brains for more than keeping your hat from falling over your eyes.  I have a friend who recently retired from one of the most stressful jobs imaginable.  Because she has some unaccounted-for expenses she decide she needed a part-time job.  Her prayer to the Employment Gods went something like this. "Oh, I don't care, I just need a mindless job; one where I don't have to think."

Well, you might want to file this for future reference, the Employment Gods are sick jerks who enjoy blessing you with the same kind of crap that Human Resources has been doling out for years. So it sends her exactly what she asked for: A job that is so mindless that she is afraid her brain will atrophy.  This woman has a masters degree and she is alphabetizing manilla folders, then scanning the contents.  Mountains of them.

And employers wonder why employees waste valuable company time surfing the net, stalking ex-boyfriends on Facebook, or Googling questions like:  Top ten ways to commit suicide using only office supplies.

I may not be the smartest egg in the carton, but I know that using my brain is preferable to not using it.  Even if it is full of seeds.  I hope you get to use yours today for good.

I wish you a Happy Muse Day and Best Brain Power!


Rod Tanner said...

You have a wonderful creative brain. Keep up the good work.

DOT DOT said...

Seeds for the brain makes beautiful creation.

Artisoo said...

I like to eat seeds of sunflower. It is very delicious.