Monday, August 26, 2013

Ida Clare, Are We There Yet?

I stumbled across some sage advice from the Dali Lama when I was traveling across the Internut this morning, “Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before,” so I am thinking that he meant traveling on a broader scale than cruising to the new TJ Maxx that they’ve just put in at the mall. 
However since I haven’t been to it yet and my Tibetan travel budget has been depleted by my inconvenient need to pay for air conditioning and cat food, I’ve been contemplating the Dali Lama directive.  The truth is, I’ve been to TJ Maxx in other cities so technically this sojourn might not count.  I think Dear Dali would understand that the reason I haven’t been yet is because I’m not sure I can face the disappointment.

You might ask: “What makes you think TJ Maxx in Big Thicket will be a disappointment?  What have you heard?”

I haven’t heard anything one way or the other.  It’s just that sometimes the national chains have a low opinion of our little hamlet and give us the “lite” version of their store or product.  Heck, even Facebook only shows up on the right side of your screen seeing as how East Texas tilts to the right on most topics.

Here, our Starbucks is only a Starbuck. There are deer hunters in these here woods, People!  Nothing goes with deer hunting like a cup of scalding hot coffee and a fist full of bullets, so some of the bucks have already gone to meet their maker. 

Naturally, we can expect to have a TJ Max, with only one x.  The religious right here will only tolerate one x, not two and we boycott anything triple xxx. 
Well, I’ve gotta go.  I am meeting a friend today for lunch at What-a-burg, where they only serve hamburgs and you have to Bring Your Own Bottle of Ketchup.  (BYOK)

Where are you going today?
Ida Clare

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