Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ida Clare I'm Afraid Halloween is Almost Here

photo: via pintrest

Dear Creative Chicks,

It’s time to tune up your broom because Halloween is near.

They don’t use the term, All Hallow’s Eve much anymore but as a kid, I was confused as to what it meant exactly.  I thought the word “Hallow” was a fancy way of saying “holler” as if you were supposed to save up all your hollering for one night.  Naturally this didn’t make sense because I got hollered at year round for stuff that had nothing to do with Halloween.

However, being the maligned, yet dutiful child that I was, when All Hallows Eve rolled around,  I hollered “Eve” as loud as I could thinking that the hollering was what got you the candy.  My mistake.

Hollering "Eve" instead of "Trick or Treat" at the top of my lungs in a crowd of kids dressed like pirates and goblins earned me a punch in the stomach by Delbert Pinon which was explanation enough that I may have taken the whole Hallow’s Eve a bit too literal.

I guess the trick was on me.

Don’t forget to buy candy and be sure to hoard some of your favorite.  You will never have a more perfect excuse.



Denise King said...

Love that witch hat!

Diana Meade writing as Ida Clare said...

I love a woman with good taste! Speaking of good taste, don't forget to buy lots of candy!