Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The "I"s Have It

Hello Creative Chicks,

Do you remember that annoying exercise that teachers would put you through when you didn’t know how to spell a word?  “Look it up in the dictionary,” I was told more than once and my response was always the same dumbfounded grunt and whine, “Uhhhhhh, how am I supposed to find it in the dictionary if I can’t spell it?”

Then spell-check came along and the heavens opened up and words that used to baffle me roll out on the page with the greatest of ease.

However, sometimes my spelling is so bad that spell-check writes me a snotty little note, “Dude, look it up!  I need a better clue.”  When I can’t get close enough for spell-check to make an intelligent guess, do I resort to a dictionary?  Well no.  That would be wrong.

Google, with its anticipatory reaction to my crappy spelling pulls my brain out of the dirt.  Do you mean convenience?  Yes, I meant that instead of that other word I was spelling.

Why in the name of blogging am I wasting your time telling you something so mind-numbingly boring?

I am certain I had much wittier, more intelligent things to write about after a morning marathon of coffee and Pintrest, but I got all tangled up in spell-check because the “I” on my keyboard is not working unless I pound on it repeatedly.  Ths This has accounted for some very nteresting interesting yet tresome tiresome sentences.

There seems to be something blocking the key like, oh I don’t know, dead love-bugs or maybe some cookie crumbs, though how cookie crumbs got there is a true mystery.  Doritos, I can understand. 

I bought some of that spray-air to clean off the offending muckity-muck, but that would mean I would have to actually find it to use it.

Note:  In the sentence above spell-check would like to substitute muckty-muck with murkily-muck, musketry-muck or my favorite and most apropos: mockery-muck.  As soon as I can get the mockery-muck out from under the letters on my keyboard, I’ll get back to you.


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