Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ida Clare I wrote a blog post

Greetings Friends,

Well today I looked at the blog and the last time any activity happened it was July 3rd and you can bet my little attention span is no better now than it was then.  At least back then, there were firecrackers.

The hot weather seems to affect my ability to slave over a hot computer.  Oh who am I kidding? Hot weather, a hang nail, a spider web on the ceiling; anything can distract me from writing a blog post.  Oh look, HGTV is showing an apartment to an annoying couple who have more money than sense. Never mind, that’s all they do, all day, every day except when the Property Brothers are remodeling a house for an annoying couple who have more money than sense. But I digress.

So today I have duct taped my feet to the rungs of my chair and I am determined that I am going to overcome my ADD and write something I feel inclined to post.

There doesn’t seem to be much worth mentioning.  My mother taught me that you don’t talk about politics or religion if you want to keep your friends and that you don’t talk about sex in mixed company.  I suppose “mixed” company means men and women.  I also found that “mixed” means Democrats and Republicans, Christians and non-Christians, so I just try to keep my mouth shut most of the time and hope nobody sees me roll my eyes when they slip up and mention an un-mentionable.

So what is a girl supposed to write about if she doesn’t talk about one of the big three?

According to Pintrest, it’s cats. The Internet world has gone nuts over photos and videos of the delightful and dangerously cute four-legged fur balls.  Since I seem to be running a cat ranch, I might have a little input.  Now before your dirty mind gets caught up in the idea that I might be running a cat house, let me dissuade you of that notion right away.  I could no more undertake such an enterprise because, it is an enterprise and I just don’t have the gumption to carry on with that kind of carrying-on right here in the Prayerful Pineywoods.

No I am talking about cats who hack up furballs, jump on your cabinet when you’re not looking and claim your favorite chair as their own.  Here are my cast of characters at CatLandia.  Schuester is the grimalkin or old female tuxedo cat, who according to cat lore, is the witches familiar and I’d confess to that.  She and I are way familiar with each other.  We fight over the heating pad in the winter (She wins.) and the margaritas in the summer. (I win because I know how to use a straw and she doesn’t like the salt around the rim of the glass.)

Prince Harry the adolescent cat I rescued from feral-dom is a ginger boy who rules his kingdom both indoors and out.  Right now he is sprawled full-length on the coffee table licking his paws getting groomed for a long nap after his evening snack.  Harry will remain a bachelor all his life since he made that fateful trip to the vets.  He doesn’t like to talk about that much so I won’t read this out loud to him.

These are the only two cats who have "foot of the bed" privileges.  There's the proverbial herd of cats outdoors that I won't force you to hear about them. Oh well, at least I should tell you their names least they find out I didn't talk about them at all:  GrayBaby, Twisted Sister, Tigger, Yoda, Gabby, Callie, and Hoolihan.

Through time, writers have used their animals as muse and mine as mews is no different.  Cat owners tend to be the only one who thinks what their cats do is interesting so I’ll stop here.  At least they helped me to get this blog post done.

Forgive me if you don’t give a rat’s rear about a cat. I’ll try to find a different topic next week.  I am sure Louie Gohmert will be up to no good by then.  I have some creative projects that I took really bad photos of and I’ll want to share those I’m sure.

Have a creative week,
Ida Clare

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