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This page is mostly no longer relevant.  You could now in 2020 sign up for this stuff and haunt IdaClare's defunct Facebook page, but you'd be wasting time looking for someone whose social media presence amounts to Ida standing with her flip phone waiting eternally for her selfie to develop.  Sigh.

Dear Readers,  (These buttons below are not live, they are just photos)

This may be the most egotistical page yet on this blog, but I want to do some shameless blog promotion and why stop being egotistical now?  I want to tell you all the ways you can get Ida Clare updates that will help you know when I have been blabbing on the blog.  Here it is:

The easiest way is to go to this in the right-hand column of the blog and put in your email address.  You will get email notifications that a new post is on  Don't do it here, this little button is not live. 


If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google account.  You can "follow" this blog by clicking the "Follow with Google Friend Connect"

Then your little smiley face will show up here or you will look like the ominous shadow people if you haven't uploaded an avatar to your Google account.

"Following" allows you to comment on this blog easily and it connects this blog to your Google Reader.  Your Google Reader is a daily compiling of all the blogs you have chosen to follow in blog land.  Where the heck is your Google Reader?  I'm glad you asked.

While you have you gmail opened in your browser window to read your email, look in the upper left-hand corner of you screen where it says: Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photos, & READER. see below:

Click READER and you will be taken to your daily dose of blogging by whom ever posted a new post that day, including yours truly.  This way you check your Reader when you check your email.  You can vary settings to suit your needs.


Facebook (A dear lady I know and love calls it Space Book which always makes me laugh).

If you don't want to do any of the above pain in the butt deal-ee-oo's, then

  • go to this link on Facebook:   Ida's Welcome Page
  • "Like" the IdaClare page
  • It will begin to show up in your news feed if Facebook deems it worthy enough to get noticed.
  • For Facebook to deem it worthy, I need to get a few "LIKES" so it will float up from Space into Face.

I always put the new posts on Facebook with a link back to the blog so you can get them from there.  Then you can leave your pithy, witty comments right there on space book, ahem, Facebook.

As an aside:  If you see a Like button around here, click on it.  It will help me get a wider audience.  And isn't that what I've always been hoping for when I eat ice cream out of the carton?


Ida don't know nuttin' 'bout Twitter yet.

Thank you Friend  for coming to my blog.  You are a dream come true for someone sitting at her computer writing stuff.  Writing is kinda like that dumb thing that went around when I was a girl.  Is there a sound in the woods if a tree falls and there is no one there to hear it?   Huh?

Was it hard work if a writer wrote it even if nobody reads it?  Uh, yeah.

So if you are kind enough to want to read what I put down, I'll keep putting it down.